What we do


GIANTS Community

Our capacity to unify people of cultural diversity, disadvantage, different genders and all ages through sport is uniquely powerful.The GIANTS Foundation recognises the leading role the GIANTS play in supporting and developing communities across Western Sydney, Southern NSW and the ACT. The GIANTS are committed to implementing and measuring practical actions that build respectful relationships and create opportunities with people from multicultural communities and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. The GIANTS’ dedication to supporting Indigenous Australia has always been a cornerstone of our organisation. We are proud to currently be moving into the ‘INNOVATE’ stage of our Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP). We believe linking our RAP with our Community pillars will take us closer to realising our vision for Reconciliation.

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The GIANTS Foundation is committed to driving gender equality, inclusion and empowerment. Inspiring young women to be the best they can be. In 2016, our ongoing commitment to developing sporting and leadership pathways for females was further demonstrated when the GIANTS AFLW team was established as part of the inaugural AFLW competition. One of 14 AFLW teams in the League, we are proud to say that the GIANTS were instrumental in the success of the competition and were the first club in NSW and the ACT to truly provide a complete pathway from the grassroots to the elite AFL level for women. The GIANTS are still the only AFL club in NSW and the ACT offering an elite level AFL program for girls and women looking to pursue Australian Football as a career. Following on from the success of the inaugural AFLW competition, in 2017 the GIANTS family welcomed a partnership with Netball NSW to establish GIANTS Netball. GIANTS Netball has been an immediate and resounding success with the team making the Super Netball Grand Final in the GIANTS’ first ever season and more women and families engaging with the GIANTS than ever before. Our women’s sporting and education programs focus on those themes relevant to young females today – leadership, resilience, role modelling, goal setting and independence, gender equality, inclusion and empowerment.


GIANTS Academy

The GIANTS are committed to identifying local talent and offer an elite sporting pathway through the GIANTS Academy. The Academy identifies, develops and nurtures elite athletes in NSW and the ACT. The programs offer the best development and education programs for the next generation coming through the system, giving them the opportunity to reach their full potential. By contributing to these programs, the GIANTS Foundation is helping young men and women in our communities achieve their sporting aspirations.

The GIANTS Foundation is also committed to providing our players, coaches and staff with continued access to state of the art facilities, equipment and programs. Through community and corporate support, our teams will be able to prepare and recover in the best facilities ensuring all GIANTS teams are able to strive for success. Support for the GIANTS High Performance programs – via the GIANTS Foundation – plays a significant role in on-field success. Such support can mean the difference between winning the ultimate prize, an AFL and AFLW Premiership.


GIANTS Facilities

Our vision is to build a club like no other that will benefit the high performance needs of the giants through a state of the art “community hub”. Fundamental to the GIANTS’ existence is the organisation’s ability to deliver state of the art and best practice facilities for the club and our community. The GIANTS ‘Community Hub’ will provide essential health and leisure facilities for all. Our teams, coaches, members and surrounding communities will benefit through building key community assets including innovative education, training, health and wellbeing programs and designated green spaces. By investing in these facilities, the GIANTS can ensure on-field success while continuing to provide unique platforms to engage all sectors of the community and promote the benefits of a healthy and active lifestyle.