The GIANT GOALS Women in Leadership Program is designed for Year 9 girls who are undertaking and/or have an interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) subjects. The GIANTS engage with over 100 students from 6 schools across 3 terms during the calendar year.

The program aligns with the current Diversity & Inclusion strategies of Mirvac and the GIANTS and is intended to provide both companies with an opportunity to engage females in our communities regarding their future career growth and personal development.

Overall aim to:

  • Enhance positive self-esteem and resilience in students.
  • Provide a variety of life experiences and encourage goal setting behaviours.
  • Equip students with key strategies to develop themselves personally.
  • Expose students to healthy and career focused female role models.
  • Hands on social, personal and vocational skills to help students stay engaged in school.
  • Personal and career growth opportunities.