Primary & secondary school students are educated on the benefits of forming healthy eating habits, hydration and physical activity.

The GIANTS want to provide youth a unique researched based lifestyle change program that guarantees our participants regular results each week on the scales. A program that provides a full 10-week video education program, as well as daily motivational videos sent via SMS to their phones!



Participants are provided with a wide range of fresh foods to choose from as well as very simple recipes that even a teenager would find easy. There are no supplements or added products to buy either. They are shown simple ways of getting beautiful flavours through their foods using natural ingredients. To reduce confusion and improve compliance they are provided with a limited number of recipes in the first week and more are added to the web site every 7 days, along with the weekly changes to their meal plans.


Some people will already have an exercise program they are happy with, but for those who don’t we have a progressive body weight program that is sent to their mobile phone each week. It starts with just a few exercises and builds in volume for the first few weeks, then increasing in intensity with each weekly update!


GIANTS program is designed to empower people to take control of their healthier lifestyle now and into the future, so education plays a major role. Participants receive a video via email each day for the first 10 days, and then every 2-3 days after that for the whole 10 weeks. Each video covers topics that most people will need to deal with at some stage, such as: Self-Sabotage, Negative Self-Talk, Eating Well at Social Occasions, and much more!


Actively making the best decisions with food and exercise on a daily basis is crucial to reaching goal weight. To maintain motivation for the whole 12 weeks, participants will receive a short video each morning at 7am directly to their mobile phone!


Many people who are looking to improve their lifestyle have very little support at home. We make sure they have all the support they need by providing a closed Facebook support group where they can chat with others going through similar changes as well as access to our Dietician and Exercise Physiologist.


  • Weight loss of at least 10% initial body weight. This amount of weight loss has been scientifically shown to not only improve many chronic diseases but also begin to reverse their effects.
  • Reduce the likelihood of blood pressure issues
  • Motivate students to change lifestyle habits which may affect them in the future
  • Educate the participants on how to fit healthier behaviours into their lifestyle
  • Tackle issues surrounding body image and ways of coping with negative thoughts and feelings.
  • Focus on self motivation and self confidence
  • Focus on community spirit and belonging
  • Community action for greater health outcomes.


  • 100 participate in 2020
  • 5 local school- targeting 20 students from each school.
  • 10 sporting sessions throughout 2020 for each cohort of youth
  • 5 guest GIANTS presenters involved
  • Students participating / demonstrating learning through peer to peer model
  • Participant before and after survey – weight loss, medical conditions, goals, values inventory, confidence, learning and engagement outcomes
  • Media and positive PR outcomes
  • Participant case studies of achievements and positive behaviour changes