GIANTS Stand Tall Workshops

Empowering year 9-10 students to become ready and confident to engage in further education or employment

Stand tall sessions empower years 9 and 10 students to become ready and confident to engage further in education or employment.

Through positive role modelling students are encouraged to build their own career aspiration, develop constructive behaviours, use goal setting techniques, explore ways to overcome personal life obstacles and achieve success.

Each session allows students to explore ways of overcoming challenges and develop strategies that help them become more confident in finishing school and gaining employment.

The stand tall sessions can be delivered as a business visitation program. It allows our corporate partners to show case their business to students from Western Sydney and the different employment journeys and opportunities that exist within.


  • To build participants confidence and self esteem when dealing with career aspirations and goals
  • To empower, equip and professionally develop young people to become ambassadors for career aspirations and positive thinking
  • To empower students to develop and achieve academic and employment goals


  • Student before and after survey (career aspirations / goals confidence / learning outcomes)