Involves year 3 students in a Mini AFL Camp that’s focussed on use of STEM subjects and how they apply to the game of AFL.

The Science with GIANTS program provides a curriculum-linked, hands-on learning experience, held at GIANTS HQ. Stage 3 students rotate through two key workshops exploring the fundamentals of sports science and mathematics, with at least 12 sessions to be hosted per year.

In workshop 1, students explore lung capacity, balance, injury prevention, flexibility and the cardiovascular system.

Workshop 2 makes maths fun by exploring the forces and movements of players through statistical analysis, calculating lung volumes, kicking trajectories, mathematics of nutrition, the potential and kinetic energy in kicking and jumping.

The program is evaluated using student and teacher survey. Theory of change method was used as guiding principle when creating the surveys. Key focus was enjoyment with school and engagement in learning.


The program outcomes are linked to the curriculum, and are designed by our expert team to:

  • Improve understanding of STEM and how it is embedded in sport
  • Provide students with an engaging, positive stem related activities that motivates them enquire about science-based learning.
  • Develop self-confidence and self-efficacy
  • Enhance creativity and empathy
  • Deepen engagement with learning


  • 12 schools to participate
  • 4 sessions to be run in each school term
  • Students pre and post survey – expectations versus outcomes
  • Teacher evaluation containing both observational and anecdotal content