GIANTS Know your Code

Engaging students in year 2-4, an eight week program that educates students on the concepts of coding.

As we approach the new era of digital literacy coding has become an integral part of children STEM skill development. In a fun and interactive way Know your Code allows students to improve language, organisation skills, problem solving skills, greater confidence and develop individual creativity.

Targeted at students in stage 2 to stage 4 (with appropriate adjustment for each stage) this program will challenge and extend students understanding of coding while building capacity in schools and empowering students via guidance from experienced educators. The program addresses the need for students to learn 21st-century skills that can bring future career opportunities.

As children become more online savvy, online harassment has become prevalent in schools throughout Western Sydney. This program allows students to apply the skills learnt throughout the 8 week sessions to create an APP or game that promotes ways of tackling cyber bullying.


  • Teach students the skills of coding.
  • Create an online product to share with school.
  • To make students more aware of cyber bullying.
  • Create awareness of ways in dealing with cyber bullying.


  • Options to engage with 150 or 250 students.
  • Before and after surveys.
  • End of program product development.
  • Video creation of student learning journeys