Aims to improve writing skills and provide students with an engaging experience that motivates them to read and write more often.

GIANTS News is an exciting journalism program targeted at children in Year 3 to 6, which aims to increase interest and engagement with news, reading and writing.

Students will be exposed to different writing styles from expository, descriptive, persuasive, and narrative persuasive. They will learn how to evaluate articles and writing, as well as learn the skills needed to write their own.

Once these skills have been mastered the students will create a newspaper that investigates and shares their views on current events occurring in their school, communities and events that shape them.

The final product will be a scrapbook-style newspaper containing all the sections of a real newspaper news, local stories, community news, sport, art, comics etc. all created and written from a young person’s point of view. The newspaper will be printed and distributed to school community.

Workshops will be delivered in schools over 8 weeks. Schools have the opportunity of running the program either during school hours or as an after school initiative.  Each session will run for 60-minutes by a qualified teacher. There is also an opportunity for local Ray White staff to volunteer at these sessions.


The program outcomes are linked to the curriculum, and are designed by our expert team to:

  • Improve writing skills and literacy
  • Provide students with an engaging, positive writing experience that motivates them to write and read more
  • Develop self-confidence and self-efficacy
  • Enhance creativity and empathy
  • Deepen engagement with learning


  • 5 schools to participate
  • 8 sessions to be run in Term 2 & 3
  • Students pre and post survey – expectations versus outcomes
  • Teacher evaluation containing both observational and anecdotal content
  • Media and positive PR outcomes
  • Student case studies of achievements
  • Final Newspaper